FAQ Details

  • How can I install and use the Booking app on my Shopify store?

    You need to follow some simple steps to install Booking App to Your Shopify Store:

    • Visit the Landing Page of the App.

    Landing Page Link: http://app-sp.webkul.com/booking-management/web/

    • Enter Your Shopify Store URL.
    • Click the "Install" button.

    Also, if you are a new user, you can sign up to get registered with Booking Commerce and use the “Booking App”. Else register to have an account.

  • What is the purpose of using this app?

    The Purpose of this app is to add bookings to the existing Shopify store products or services related to the profession and let the customers book or rent the products by choosing their preferred day or time slots. 

  • Is this app compatible with "Buy Now" button?

    Currently, the booking app is not compatible with the "Buy Now" button but we will make it compatible soon.

  • How to add booking products using this app?

    You need to follow below-given steps to add bookings to products:

    • Admin Panel of Shopify Store.
    • Visit the "Product" section.
    • Select any product (or add new product).
    • Click "More Action".
    • Click the "Booking Product" button.
    • Fill the booking information.
    • "Save" the details.

    Or You can directly add bookings to your existing products from the app by following these steps:

    • Go to Booking App.
    • Visit Booking Product section.
    • Click the "Add Booking Product" button. 
    • Choose the Product, enter details about it and Save it.

    This way, you will be ended up creating a booking product for your store. 

    Do refer this link for more details:


  • Is it possible to edit the booking product details?


    You can edit the information related to your booking product in the "Action" menu of the "Booking Product" section.

    Shopify Store>>Booking App>>Booking Product>>Edit Booking product>>Save.

    There, you can edit all your details related to Product information, location, availability, custom field as well as additional information.

  • How to manage the slots in this app?

    Slots can be managed from the "Availability" Section of the Booking Product. 
    There, you need to choose the booking type and select the "Duration" and "Date" on which you want the product or service to be available for booking.

    Also, in the basic slot management section, you can manage the slot timings such as "Pre-booking timings" as well as the "rest time" after each booking slot.

  • How can I approve bookings requested by the customer?

    You need to follow below-given steps to approve bookings requested by the customers:

    • Go to the Booking App.
    • Visit the Bookings section.
    • In the "Action" menu, click the "Edit Booking" button for the booking that You want to approve.
    • Now, click the "Approve" button to approve the customer's booking request.

    This way, you can approve any booking requested from the customers.

  • Is it possible for me to allow customers to reschedule or cancel bookings?

    No, Customers cannot Cancel or Reschedule bookings by themselves but can request the admin for the same.

    Customers can send a request to the admin after which admin can reschedule or cancel customer’s bookings from his end.

    Follow the simple procedure suggested below:

    Shopify Store>>Booking App>>Configuration>>Bookings.

    Here, you can enable the option from your end and allow customers to send the request to "Reschedule" or "Cancel" the bookings.

  • Can I configure the mail templates from my end?


    All the mail templates are configurable.

    Admin can configure all the reminder emails send to the customers while booking any product simply by following the procedure suggested below.

    Shopify Store>>Booking App>>Configuration>>Email Templates>>Add/Edit mail content>>Save.

  • Is there any specific code needed to display customer’s booking details on frontend?


    To display customer's booking detail options on the frontend, you just need to copy the code suggested below and paste it below the customers/order.liquid template file.

    The code is given below:

    {% if line_item.properties.wk_booking or line_item.properties.slot_date %}

            <p><u><a href="https://{{ shop.domain }}/pages/booking-information/{{ line_item.id }}?handle={{ line_item.variant_id }}">View Booking Details</a></u></p>

            {% endif %}

  • Is this app compatible with the mobile devices?

    If You want, You can open the app backend on Your mobile, but You might face some issues as we are currently working on it.

    So, we recommend You to please open the app backend on Your desktop for a better view. Soon we will finish the work on the mobile view to have better visibility on mobile devices too.


  • Is there any limitation while creating "Rent Type" or "Rent Type with time" bookings?

    The product to which you are adding "Rent Type" or "Rent Type with time" booking Please make sure that the inventory policy of that product must be set to "Don't track inventory" from Shopify end. 

  • Since I Need Help With Adding The Codes, Do I Need To Provide My Store Access?

    Yes, We Do Require The Collaborator Access To Your Store. For That, It Is Compulsory To Provide Theme Access.

  • I need help with adding the codes to my store theme. How to contact support?

    In case, you need help with adding the codes to your store theme, you can schedule a live conference chat via this link: https://webkul.bookingcommerce.com/en/bookingapp

  • How can I uninstall the Booking App?

    To uninstall the app, you need to remove the app from the "Apps" menu of your Shopify Store.

    Go to your Shopify store backend>> Visit the "Apps" section >> Here click the "Delete" button to uninstall the Booking app.

    Refer: https://prnt.sc/rlpd5e

    Before uninstalling the app, please make sure to remove the app-related code from Configure Front End menu in the app: https://prnt.sc/u3w2bx

    NOTE:- As soon as you remove/uninstall/delete the app on your Shopify store, you will receive an email asking you to let us delete the data from our end related to the app.
    Kindly confirm the same. 

  • Each time I try to access this app, it says "Session Expired". How to resolve this?

    Once you install the app, please make sure that you have enable "third party cookie" from the browser, if this is disabled, then you can get the "session expire" issue.

    You can follow the steps to unblock the cookie:

    For Safari:-

    https://www.qsnapnet.com/snaps/3anbjscunu https://www.qsnapnet.com/snaps/7gx0wqu7i8r

    For Chrome:-

    You can follow this guide: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en