FAQ Details

  • What is the purpose of the Delivery Slot Management App?

    The purpose of the Delivery Slot Management App is to offer scheduled deliveries for the Shopify store products.

    The merchant can add delivery slots & set the date & time availability on the store items. Thus, let the customers select their preferred delivery timings on specific dates when they want the items to get delivered to their address.

  • How to add slots availibility to the products in the app?

    To add the time slots for product availability, you need to import the products from Shopify into the app:-

    Go to the Products and add products to the app: https://prnt.sc/tr13pp

    Now, vist the Delivery Slot section and choose if you want to add Fixed Day Delivery or On-time Deliveryhttps://prnt.sc/tr14k1

    Add date & time slots and enter rest of the details such as custom fields, custom information,etc and click the Save button.

    This way, you can add slots for product deliveries in the app.


  • What are the two different delivery slot types available in the app?

    In the app, the two different delivery slots types are Fixed Day Delivery and On-Time delivery. Let's check out the difference.

    It's all depends on the business requirements whether you want the customers to get the item delivered on their perferred date (irrespective of time) or you want the customer to choose a time slot on a specific date to get the items delivered.

    • In case you choose Fixed Day Delivery, you need to add a date range. Now, customer will select a particular date from the calendar (widget appears either on cart page or product page) when they want to get the order.
    • In case you choose On-Time Delivery, you need to select a date range & add time slots in the app. Now, the customer will select a date & a time slot from the calendar to get the item delivered.


  • How to add delivery methods in the app?

    In the app, You can add multilpe delivery methods and assign the added delivery slots. You can add delivery methods such as Doorstep Delivery, No-Contact Delivery, Delivery On-Time, etc. 

    These delivery methods appear with the delivery widget either on the cart page or on the product page of your store. 

    Once the customer selects a delivery method, the assigned delivery slots appears on the calendar. Thus, the customer can choose the available date & time when he/she want the order to get delivered.

  • How to find the order deliveries in the app requested by the customers?

    Once a customer schedules delivery while placing an order on your store, the delivery request will get listed in the app. You can visit the Deliveries section in the app and check the complete details.

    You can edit the delivery and approve, cancel it on customer's request. Moreover, you can export the delivery details from the app.

  • How the customers can view the delivery details on their end?

    The customers can check all the delivery details from their respective "My Account" section. Clicking the order ID, the customer can check the complete delivery details of that order. Refer: https://prnt.sc/tr3lt5

  • What is Preparation time?

    While listing the items (products) from Shopify into the app, you will get the option to set the Preparation time.

    Preparation time is basically time that a restaurant takes to prepare the item for delivery if you run a food delivery business.

  • How to get in touch with experts in case of any further query related to the app?

    If you need any kind of support/consultancy then please raise a ticket at http://webkul.uvdesk.com or drop a mail at support@webkul.com and the team will provide you proper assistance.