FAQ Details

  • How can i Install the App?

    Go to the Shopify App Store and Get the "Odoo Connector" App. Enter your Shopify store URL & click the "Get App" button.

  • What is the monthly fee for the app ?

    Monthly price of this app is USD 35/per month.

  • How to uninstall the Odoo Connector app?

    To uninstall the app, you need to remove the app from the "Apps" menu of your Shopify Store.

    Go to your Shopify store backend>> Visit the "Apps" section >> Here click the "Delete" button to uninstall the Odoo Connector app.

    NOTE:- As soon as you remove/uninstall/delete the app on your Shopify store, we will send you an email asking you to allow us to delete app-related data from our end.
    Kindly confirm the same.



  • What is the purpose that the app is solving ?

    Shopify Odoo connector perfectly provides seamless integration between Shopify and Odoo .
    With this app users will be able to synchonize all the products , customers , orders fulfillment , payment and much more from shopify to Odoo.

  • How to Synchronize products , collections , orders etc from shopify to Odoo?

    In the app there are different sections for each like Product mapping, category mapping , order mapping customers mapping etc and all of them can be synced by visiting the respective section and clicking on Synchonize now button .

  • How are payment , currency and taxes are mapped / synchonized from shopify to odoo ?

    Payment , currency and taxes are manually mapped from shopify to oddo.
    In Payment mapping user will have to select and enter shopify and odoo payment method from the drop down and click on manual mapping button .

    In currency mapping user will have to enter shopify currency and odoo price list and click on manual mapping button then Shopify currency will be getting manually mapped with odoo price list. And in the same way the taxes are mapped from Shopify to Odoo .

  • In case i am facing any issue or difficulty with the app ?

    In case of any issue or doubt with the app , feel free to mail your issue at sales@webkul.com or you can always raise a ticket at http://webkul.com/ticket we will assist you .

  • In case i delete any product from the app , will it get deleted from Shopify as well ?

    In case you delete any synchronised data from the app , it will get deleted only from the app neither it will get deleted from shopify nor from Odoo .